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The SC Works Trident Centers provide employers with valuable resources to recruit qualified employees from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets. Services include local and state initiatives to aid in recruitment, employer training programs and business retention and expansion efforts.

Building and maintaining a qualified, motivated workforce is critical to the success of your business. SC Works Trident gives you the tools you need to stay competitive in the labor market, find the right employee and make it easier to manage your workforce.

On-The-Job Training (OJT)
On-The-Job Training is designed to fulfill the needs of local employers by allowing them to train new hires while they are working and learning the job skills and information for productive and successful job performance. Employers make all the hiring decisions, tailor the training, and can be reimbursed up to 75% of the trainee's hourly wages.

Employers also save on recruiting, screening and new employee training costs. OJT is provided for occupations with an established hourly wage. Training length is negotiable and there is no cost for OJT services.

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Customized Training
The Trident Workforce Investment Board invests in promoting growth within the region by using innovative and often nontraditional solutions to develop the skills of the workforce while addressing the evolving needs of local businesses.

Labor Market Information
The SC Works Trident System has the facts employers need to plan for the future. Information is available on prevailing wages, in-demand occupations, employment and income statistics, employee availability, current employment trends, economic indicators, and new workforce developments.

Recruiting and Staff Services
The SC Works Trident System can help employers advertise job openings, coordinate the application process, and schedule recruitment interviews and career fairs, as well as facilitate pre-hire and post-hire testing sessions at conveniently located centers throughout the tri-county region or at the employer's business location.

Downsizing and Layoff Assistance
The SC Works Trident System provides job placement, retraining opportunities, and other services to help reduce the economic impact of layoffs on both the company and the community.

Rapid Response
When plant closings and layoffs become a reality, South Carolina businesses can get the help they need for affected employees through the State Dislocated Worker Unit. The State Dislocated Worker Unit (SWU) is responsible for providing "Rapid Response" assistance to employers and employees impacted by any permanent layoff or closure action affecting 50 or more workers. Rapid Response services are provided regardless of the reason for a layoff or closure (e.g., Trade impacted, company downsizing/restructuring, national disaster, plan relocation, bankruptcy, etc.)

WorkKeys Testing
WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system measuring real world skills and abilities that are critical to job success. WorkKeys assessments measure proficiency in three key areas:

  • Communication: Business Writing, Listening, Reading for Information, Writing
  • Problem Solving: Applied Mathematics, Applied Technology, Locating Information, Observation
  • Interpersonal Skills: Teamwork

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An Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary Aid and Services Available Upon Request to Individuals with Disabilities.