WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system developed by ACT, a national non-profit testing company. It is used across the nation to help individuals, educators, and employers identify the skills needed to be successful on the job and to determine where additional training can help develop a higher caliber workforce. It measures the "real world" skills employers believe are critical to job success. The system is designed to match prospective employees to jobs and careers. WorkKeys will measure your skills and compare them to the requirements of the jobs that  you want.

The WorkKeys assessments present workplace situations, reading materials, problems and messages for the employee to respond to and/or resolve. Each assessment is constructed with a number of levels, with each successive level more complex than the previous.

What skill areas are assessed and how much time is given for each assessment area?

  • Applied Mathematics (uses calculator/45 minutes)
  • Applied Technology (45 minutes)
  • Listening (audiotape presentation/40 minutes)
  • Locating Information (45 minutes)
  • Observation (videotape presentation/ Part 1 - 30 minutes, Part 2 - 30  minutes)
  • Reading for Information (45 minutes)
  • Teamwork (videotape presentation/ Part 1 - 40 minutes, Part 2 - 40 minutes)
  • Writing (audiotape presentation/40 minutes)
  • Business Writing (audiotape presentation/40 minutes)

What is the Career Readiness Certificate?

With the WorkKeys skill assessments, individuals can earn the WorkReady SC Career Readiness Certificate. This certificate, signed by the South Carolina Governor, proves to employers that the certificate-bearer has the necessary basic skills to work in their business by identifying strengths and measuring workplace skills.

To earn the nationally recognized Career Readiness Certificate, individuals must score at least a three (3) on each of the following tests: Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information. Based on scores, an individual can receive one of three certificate levels:

Bronze Level indicates a score of a minimum 3 in all 3 areas and represents the core employability skills for approximately 30% of jobs.

Silver Level indicates a score of minimum 4 in all 3 areas and represents the core employability skills for approximately 65% of jobs.

Gold Level, the highest level, indicates a score of minimum 5 in all 3 areas and represents core employability skills for approximately 90% of jobs. By reviewing an applicant's Career Readiness Certificate, an employer can determine where the applicant has the skills necessary to successfully accomplish the tasks required to perform a job.



Berkeley Testing Center
(843) 899-8635

Charleston  Testing Center (843) 574-1882

Dorchester Testing Center(843) 873-7372

Bring two #2 pencils, a basic hand calculator and a picture ID. Fees for testing will be collected on the day of your test. Payment must be made by cash or money order. Credit cards and personal checks are not accepted.

Results are mailed and should be received by the customer within five days.



An Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary Aid and Services Available Upon Request to Individuals with Disabilities.